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Gratteri da Crater, Coppa, Graal. Il borgo più misterioso delle Madonie

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Since the beginning of the Christian era, the legend of the Grail has fascinated, excited and involved faithful, mystics, leaders, adventurers or simply curious people in various ways. From the historical point of view, the aspects linked to popular devotion and the cult of holy relics also have great importance on the one hand and, on the other, the themes connected to esoteric knowledge and mystical orientations which in recent times have boundless to the point of contaminating themselves with the phenomenon of occultism and secret societies.

Certainly that of the Grail is one of the most profound and vital archetypes of the medieval imagination. The precious relic has been sought in various parts of the world, fueling many suppositions and legends that are lost in the distant Middle Ages.

In this regard, there is a Sicilian medieval village, where the popular imagination linked to hidden treasures and sought after with so much fury by unusual strangers near an abbey of the Norman era, would have given rise to suspect that many of these adventurers thought they would find you again. a relic, the one that has always been considered the legend of legends. We are talking about the sacred chalice used by Jesus at the Last Supper and in which Joseph of Arimathea would later collect the blood of Christ’s wounds on the cross. Simply put, the Holy Grail.


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