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1943: la Reconquista dell’Europa

  • Publication date: April
  • format: 16.5 × 24
  • ISBN 9788832058222
  • Language: Italian
  • Pages number: 188


1943 marks the turning point of the Second World War. The night between 9 and 10 July was not only the moment the Allies landed in Sicily but also the day when the “Reconquista” of Europe begins, that long run-up that will end only in Berlin and will bring the old continent back to the riverbed of freedom and democracy. But it is above all the choice made in January at the Casablanca Conference of “surrender without conditions” that determines the point of no return: from that moment on, nothing will be the same again.

Through the reconstruction of events, the book traces what happened during those months. Starting from the premises that favored the meeting in Casablanca and the contacts between the Allies that led to a greater unity of common intentions and objectives, the reasons of those who were not there, but also the ones of those who were “forced” to take part in the Conference, the contrasts between the two schools of military thought (the English and the American one) and, finally, the decisions that emerged from that meeting, consigned to history with the final declaration and agreements for the continuation of the war.

There is also a brief history of the event, the day-to-day reconstruction of what happened inside the Anfa Camp, the militarized area, created specifically and placed under the strict supervision of American soldiers, within which the ‘meeting.


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