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Museum: environmental center of Gratteri

The Gratteri museum was established in 1990 but the rooms of the new museum structure, recently restored, are today those of the old municipal slaughterhouse. The Museum exhibits about 100 taxidermed animals, birds and stuffed animals, and a collection of insects from all continents donated to the Municipality by Dr. Vittorio Aliquo’, an illustrious entomologist. Illustrative panels present the Madonie Park and the Vie dell’Arte with the main roads of the protected area.

Inside it is also possible to visit a permanent exhibition with paintings concerning Gratteri, its corners, its artistic heritage and its breathtaking views. Currently the Muzzle is undergoing reorganization as it awaits the preparation of the archaeological finds from the site of the Abbey of San Giorgio. The structure also has a room for conferences and the rooms of the Environmental Center of the Madonie Park.

Excellences of the museum


  • Finds and capitals;
  • Ancient mechanical watch;
  • Stuffed Insects – Nocturnal Lepidoptera;
  • Stuffed Insects – Beetles;
  • Stuffed – Golden Eagle;
  • Stuffed Insects – Diurnal Lepidoptera (Nymphalidae).


Address: Via del Sole, 30
Telephone: (+39) 339 6389780 (per le visite chiedere del Responsabile Saro Tedesco)
Opening hours: Tuesday and Saturday from 9,00 to 13,30

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